Mindful Movement Foundation Course




South Manchester


Mounting empirical evidence demonstrates the multiple physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Mindfulness, Yoga, and Meditation.


This Course is a unique opportunity to combine these powerful practices at a foundation level to enhance your well-being, reduce anxiety and stress and to strengthen your body and mind.


This course will teach you how to balance your physical, emotional and energetic systems. When you are not in balance you may become stressed, weak or sick.  However once you learn how to bring yourself back into natural balance, you will become much calmer, stronger and healthier.


After gaining a solid foundation in these life-transforming arts, you will be able to continue your own personal journey with these practices or you may be inspired to become qualified to teach the general public by undertaking a further 2 years of Mindful Movement training.

Cost & Accommodation


£995 for 8 weekends


Dates to be announced.


Email: Gloria@mindful-solutions.co.uk for a booking form.


Accommodation is available:


Luther King House has 39 rooms for those needing accommodation and they must  book

directly with them.   £45 per night B & B.

Call 0161 224 6404 to book.




Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Learning a variety of Chi Kung sequences will assist you to cultivate and balance your energy.  Infinite Tai Chi is a flowing sequence of movements which will enhance your flow of ‘chi’ and align your body, mind and breath in the present moment.


Current research examining the psychological and physiological impact of Chi Kung and Tai Chi has revealed multiple benefits including increased inner strength, a calmer mind, less volatile emotions and a significant reduction in the stresses and ailments of modern life.


Mindful Compassion Meditation Practices

These practices activate soothing chemicals in the brain which in turn relieve anxiety and low mood.  Build a resource of meditation techniques which can be integrated into daily life, to enable you to quiet your over-busy mind and help you to regain control of your life.


Chi Yoga

This very gentle style of yoga, based on Hatha Yoga, will gradually stretch and strengthen your body; improving vitality, flexibility and balance.


Self Care and Self Awareness

These practices will focus on how to care for yourself in ways that will prevent tension, conflict and burnout in the workplace and at home.




Proven Benefits of Mindful Movement, Tai Chi and Chi Kung

The Mental Health Benefits of Tai Chi


Most, if not all of our Infinite Tai Chi students tell us that practising the form lifts their mood and reduces their stress levels. This mood enhancing effect is actually born out by several research studies that indicate that regularly practising Tai Chi can lift mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve symptoms of depression.


The Proven Health Benefits of Chi Kung  (Qigong)


Practising Chi Kung counteracts the chronic stress and strain of daily life on the body as well as the mind, which in Chinese medicine are inseparable, and restores optimum equilibrium to essence, energy and spirit. In Taoist parlance, Chi Kung balances the depleting yang Fire energy of temporal life by cultivating the soothing restorative yin Water energy derived from hormones and neuro-chemicals. (Daniel Read, Guarding the Three Treasures)


In China, knowledge about the therapeutic benefits of Chi Kung began to be collected thousands of years ago. Today, a number of clinics, and even some hospitals, in China integrate traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) including Chi Kung with conventional Western medicine.


In the 1990s, two western-trained doctors, Dr Wang and Dr Xu, reported that the multiple health benefits of practising Chi Kung regularly included a significant increase in longevity (after many years of regular practise), fewer strokes, higher bone density, lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system and stress reduction.

The Proven Benefits of Regularly Practising Tai Chi and Chi Kung


We may look and feel solid, but quantum physics now tells us that everything in this physical universe is vibrating energy.  Taoists have known this for thousands of years. Taoists claim that not only is everything made up of a fundamental life-force, or energy, that they call ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’, but also that human beings can learn to harness this Chi in order to improve their overall health and longevity.

Western researchers have been empirically testing the benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for several decades now, and have carefully documented a wide range of health gains from their regular practice.

In 2013 The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi cited research evidence that regularly practising Tai Chi can improve your balance and bone density, ease physical aches and pains, strengthen your heart and deepen and enrich your breathing.


In 1992 an Australian study that found that performing Tai Chi had the same beneficial effect as brisk walking on heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones.

Benefits of Mindfulness and meditation


Therapists are now introducing mindfulness into their practices to support their patients.   Although secular, mindfulness practices have a background in Buddhism and are most commonly described as "knowing what is happening, while it is happening".


Research and scientific evidence reveals that the use of meditation for physiological therapy has benefits that span across spiritual, mental and physical levels.  Mindfulness is increasingly being used as an alternative method to cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.