Peggy Foster PhD

Peggy Foster was a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Manchester for over 25 years and taught Health Policy to students taking a Nursing Degree.  Her M.A. in Social Policy was based on a two year funded research project into patients' satisfaction levels with their General Practitioner and her PhD in Social Policy was based on her research into women's health issues.


She left her academic career to teach Infinite Tai Chi and to write spiritual books with Master Jason Chan under the

pen-name of Jane Rogers.  She has undertaken 3 years of training in Infinite Tai Chi and Infinite Chi Kung and 7 years of advanced training with Master Jason Chan.  She has also completed two years of part-time training as a psychotherapist.



Peggy has taught on The Light Foundation’s Infinite Tai Chi Teacher Training Course in Manchester as well as giving spiritual talks to a wide range of groups.  Her core intention is to assist individuals to awake and to heal their minds so that they can change from living their lives predominantly in fear and pain to living their lives in lasting love and peace.


Special Areas of Interest


Peggy is a long term student of A Course in Miracles and has also made an extensive study of modern Buddhist texts as well as attending retreats and workshops by leading Buddhist teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh.  She has meditated regularly for over 20 years and is particularly interested in healing all aspects of our lives through mind training and meditation.




Peggy was an associate teacher on Master Jason Chan's three year Infinite Tai Chi teacher training course for over 10 years.  She has been invited by the Miracle Network to give talks at their annual conference as well as at their 'Miracle Cafe' in central London.  She has also run spiritual workshops in Cork and Manchester and taught on spiritual retreats in Europe and Thailand.  She currently offers one-to-one spiritual counselling as well as writing spiritual articles, giving spiritual talks and teaching Infinite Tai Chi in her local community.


Gloria Hanson

Gloria Hanson was a dyslexia therapist at a private clinic in Houston Texas for 6 years and also had her own business as a children's educational advocate during that time.   She also worked as a research assistant for the University of Texas, Centre for Academic and Reading Skills in Houston, Texas.


Upon moving to the UK Gloria trained for 3 years learning Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation with Master Jason Chan.  Additionally she completed 7 years of advanced  training  with Master Chan.




Special Areas of Interest


Gloria has a long-standing and deep interest in the Eastern Arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. After years of diligent practice of these ancient arts, Gloria is now motivated to demonstrate and teach these arts.  She believes everyone has the innate ability to lead a joyful, successful and abundant life.


Gloria is passionate about teaching a dynamic fusion of the ancient arts of Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and meditation.  She believes everyone can naturally heal, cleanse, balance, nurture and strengthen themselves and reduce the stress of living in a hyperactive world.   There is an infinite energy source that is naturally inherent in all of us that can increase physical and mental energy to sustain and nourish us throughout the day.


Additionally, Gloria studies Buddhist texts, Taoist texts and is a long term student of A Course in Miracles.   She has attended workshops with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Llama Surya Das, Kenneth Wapnick (original editor of A Course in Miracles) and Byron Katie, well known American author lecturer and creator of  a programme called The Work.




For the last 13 years Gloria has been a teacher on Master Chan's Infinite Tai Chi 3 Year Teacher Training Course, and taught on retreats in the UK, Ireland, Thailand and Europe.  Additionally she runs workshops and retreats in the UK and Europe.  She has taught Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung for 14 years and currently teaches 4 classes a week in Manchester and offers one-to-one private tuition.  As a Ling Chi Healing practitioner she also provides one-to-one spiritual counselling and healing.



Jacky Seery

After a 15-year career as a senior manager in the corporate sector, Jacky  changed careers with the aim of helping others to improve their overall health and longevity.


Jacky Seery has held a lifelong fascination with the benefits of Eastern health practices, including Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.  She has completed a total of  3 years of Training Courses in Infinite Tai Chi and Infinite Chi Yoga under Master Jason Chan and the Light Foundation qualifying her to teach people of all ages and fitness levels the art of harnessing ‘chi’ which is essential for health and vitality.  The has also completed an additional 3 years of advanced training with Master Jason Chan.


Special Areas of Interest


Jacky’s genuine desire to offer a service where her clients are heard and their needs met is a key motivation for all work that she undertakes. Having understood the perils of poor quality customer service, and the importance of working with the most highly trained and experienced mentors, Jacky has been able to take her expertise for delivering quality services and products and managing customers in the corporate sector and apply this to the holistic field where she has a true passion and desire to help others.


In addition to Chi Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung, Jacky is also a qualified and experienced leader of meditation, which helps to increase individuals’ ability to calm their mind and enhance their overall quality of life.


Jacky is also qualified to provide Indian Head Massage as a therapy, and to use crystals for healing. She is a Reiki Master.  She is a qualified teacher of the Mindfulness Based Living Course certified by the Mindfulness Association and the UK Register of Mindfulness Teachers. She graduated from Aberdeen University with a MSc in Mindfulness Studies in 2018. Jacky has been trained as a soul midwife by Felicity Warner and offers end-of-life well-being support and healing.




Jacky currently teaches Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation at weekly classes in Hertfordshire and on retreats and workshops.   She also teaches Chi Yoga at Woodside Osteopathic Clinic in Hitchin. She provides private tuition in all these disciplines individually or in combination either for general well-being or in relation to specific health complaints.


What People Say

About Us


"Jacky's mindfulness course changed my life. It found me during a difficult period in my life and helped me turn it around. I'm no longer as anxious and I generally feel at peace and optimistic now. I couldn't recommend highly enough."



"I have found that Infinite Tai Chi has helped alleviate my joint pain. It has also helped me to relax.  I feel really good after our class with Peggy.


Because I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, Infinite Tai Chi has become very important in my life. It helps me to reach an inner peace underneath all of the stress and worries of life"





"I find that Infinite Tai Chi is very good for my balance. I enjoy the class and after each session my energy is very good"



"Since starting Gloria's Chi Kung class I can bend my knees so much more".




“I love Jacky’s friendly class; it is my own space to relax and unwind.  I've become physically stronger since joining and am developing a valuable understanding of mindfulness.”



Gloria is a great teacher and tai chi has given me a sense of well-being.




"Gloria's chi kung class has helped me so much to relieve stress.


As soon as I begin to feel tight across my shoulders and neck, I can catch myself,  stop what I am doing, breathe, my body relaxes and the tension just melts away".