Workshops, courses, and retreats designed to help you cope with the stress of everyday living in a hectic chaotic world.

Our mission is to assist people who are inspired to improve their overall health and well-being and those who feel inspired to pass these benefits on to others.



We commit to providing the highest professional standard of training and support to all students on our courses.

Mindful Solutions

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Mindful Movement and Meditation

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3 Year Teacher Training Course in Mindful Movement starts September, 2018 in Manchester & London.

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After one year you will benefit from personal development in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Chi Yoga and Compassion based Mindfulness.


At the end of year two you will have deepened in your Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice and have completed a full Mindful Compassion course. After an additional year of training you will have to opportunity to qualify to be a teacher in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation.

Courses & Workshops


Learn how to de-stress and improve your health with Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Mindful Self Compassion and some gentle Chi Yoga.






Join us in Wales for some restorative time out to be you and learn some new relaxation techniques and mindful movement


10th June, 2017



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